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ciencia extraña
weird science
অদ্ভুত বিজ্ঞান

"Upon the Ice Moon of Europa"Charged with finding evidence of life on Jupiter’s moon Europa, C4-B0T the Explorer Droid digs through the rock hard layers of snow and ice, trying to reach the liquid ocean believed to exist closer to the living moon’s molten core…Its’ circuits creak from the cold as the endless days of digging, analyzing, uploading, and digging some more begin to weigh on the Droid.  The mindless work hardly even utilizes 0.0000000000000000001% of C4-B0T’s processing power, giving it a nearly infinite amount of time to calculate its lonely existence.As it moodily regrets ever being manufactured three billion times a second, its optic lense widens— there is movement down below.  The once totally opaque ice has slowly become clearer, and the dim outline of something seems to be coming closer…C4-B0T digs wildly, reaching the final layer of ice just as the moon circles around onto the sun-side of Jupiter, casting light into the frigid ocean below for the first time in millions of years— and a single eyeball blinks back.The rest of the creature fades into view, and C4-B0T analyzes the long purple hair swaying in the current as the sea creature’s webbed claw presses flat against the ice…C4-B0T takes its’ own prehensile robo-claw, and presses it flat against the ice as well, to return the greetings.
And for several minutes, as a snowstorm builds, the two creatures stay still… just taking each other in.C4-B0T can feel its’ auto-uploader kick in, and the Droid quickly cancels the transmission— this discovery, this experience isn’t meant for the humans back on the space station. 
This… this is just for C4-B0T.
Posted 2/25/2012
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Lower Hengsha | Deus Ex

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Paul Delvaux (Belgian, 1897-1994) - The cathedral (Le temple), N/D
"In a ruined temple, the broken statue of a god spoke a mysterious language… I wonder if the idea of imagining a god with human traits such as the Greeks conceived in art is not an eternal pretext for discovering many new sources of sensations’ (Giorgio de Chirico, 1912, ‘Eluard Manuscript’, Hebdomeros, London, 1992, p. 190).

Wormhole Actualization Machinevia

Wormhole, handmade collage